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I had the pleasure of having Donna as my PA for 3 years. This was an unusual relationship and took Donna into a completely new experience as I was working from home based in Macclesfield and Donna was based permanently in Brixham! We usually only met face to face twice a year.

I was working part-time for AstraZeneca with undefined hours and retained based on achieving some key deliverables for the global business. This inevitably meant my demands on Donna had many peaks and troughs. Donna efficiently and accurately dealt with all my requirements whilst always maintaining a pleasant disposition.

Key activities that Donna performed included, but not limited to, arranging international travel to Brazil and Europe, creating technical reports (including “professionalizing” reports I had drafted), performing confidential communications, arranging UK meetings for me to host, etc. From my personal experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Donna as a highly competent remotely based PA.