+44 (0)7796 169 892 donna@donnawynne.co.uk

We needed some professional, high-skilled administration support on a growing county-wide Digital healthcare project showing people how to access online healthcare resources. This support included liaising with hundreds of GP Practices and community venues across Devon to promote the project and arrange events, liaising with hundreds of project trainers across a vast volunteer network to guarantee involvement and collating all the project data to ensure that correct administration processes were adhered to and all project targets were met.

Donna performed this with such efficiency and expertise that the project itself won many plaudits, and all targets were exceeded with ease. The vital role Donna played for nearly 3 years cannot be underestimated, she dealt with each task assigned proficiently and the project could not have been a success without her.

Having to remotely deal with fluctuating demands of the project at different times throughout her time on the project cannot have been easy, but Donna always delivered a high standard of work in a friendly way. She was always contactable and always willing to go above and beyond to help support the project.

I have no doubt at all she would be an invaluable asset to anyone looking for virtual assistance and very much look forward to an opportunity to work with her again.